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A Family run private business based on how its owner & founder would have preferred to deal with accountants.

  • No expensive shiny offices
  • No expensive shiny suits
  • No pretentious technical jargon

Just all round good value based on a principle of keeping overheads down whilst still providing the same standard of service, with no obligation fixed fee quotes provided so you know how much you have to spend, not a nasty surprise when the accounts are returned.

As a business we pride ourselves on making sure we use plain English in our communications with yourself and don’t hide behind jargon and technical speak, when providing answers to our clients we are frequently praised for our clear and concise responses.

Meetings out of ‘normal’ business hours are readily available at no extra cost so that you don’t have to take time off work to meet the accountant costing you valuable time and money, with timescales agreed at the start of job so you know what to expect and when, and are not left wondering when you will next hear from your accountant

Founded by Chartered Accountant Richard Coombs, Richard has many years experience in accountancy, both in the manufacturing sector, and also in providing accountancy and tax services to both small businesses & the self-employed. As well as your traditional accountancy and taxation work we also undertake no-saving no-fee tax efficiency audits to help you understand the best ways to minimise your annual tax bill.

Here at SK Accountancy we work hard to provide a professional yet personal approach to all the services we supply, no business is too small, we all had to start somewhere, and customers are warmly welcomed to use us as business mentors and advisors as well as accountants where they feel they lack the relevant experience or knowledge.