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Earlybird Self Assessment Offer

We are now well and truly into the 2018 tax year and have been for a few months, and with Christmas less than 6 months away that means the deadline for filing Self Assessment tax returns is also looming not far behind it.

Now it is normal amongst a lot of our clients and indeed the wider population to be fashionably late getting information off to your accountants so they have to sweat and burn the midnight oil to get the return filed on time.

Like last year, this year we are determined to sleep a bit better nearer the deadline for filing Self Assessment returns electronically and are offering a discount to clients new and old who get their paperwork in to us early.

For the months of July, August, September October & November we are offering our standard Self Assessment Return service for the self employed out there at a discounted price of just £75 which represents a saving of £20 on our normal rates just mention the offer when getting in touch, we will also offer this price if we are doing returns that include property income or any money earned from dividends both in the UK and abroad.

As part of the service we don’t just blindly submit the figures you provide, we take great pride in the overall package we offer and will always review for missing and incomplete data that could affect your tax liability adversely and will happily suggest ways we think could make you more tax efficient and hopefully reduce your tax bill in both the short and long term.

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