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Demystifying Business Jargon & Accounting Terminology

Demystifying Business Jargon & Accounting Terminology

Much is made of accountants and business professionals trying to sound important and hide behind jargon and terminology – and this something we are passionate about trying to not do

We firmly believe in speaking in plain english so that you understand everything you need to know about your business, but just in case we let something slip through as sometimes it is unavoidable we have started putting together a jargon busting website to help you feel your way through the myriad of technical terms out there

So nosey on over to JargonExplained.Com next time you start and get a plain english explanation for the unnecessarily complicated word or phrase – and if you catch us using terminology you do not understand – make sure you tell us!

Update: 26/03/2016

We’ve been bust updating the site over at Jargon Explained recently so pop over if you’ve had your fill of hearing about EBITDA, PBIT, and ROCE and not understood a word of it – and remember we promise not to use any of this terminology in day to day dialogue with our clients – we’re committed to plain English and proud of it!

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